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Huawei onu HG8546M

  • Huawei xPON ONT 1GE+3FE+WIFI HG8546M

    Huawei xPON ONT 1GE+3FE+WIFI HG8546M

    The EchoLife HG8546M, an optical network terminal (ONT), is a high-end home gateway in Huawei FTTH solution. By using the xPON technology, ultra-broadband access is provided for home and SOHO users. The H8546M provides 1* POTS ports, 1*GE+3FE auto-adapting Ethernet ports, and 2* Wi-Fi port. The H8546M features high-performance forwarding capabilities to ensure excellent experience with VoIP, Internet and HD video services. Therefore, the H8546M provides a perfect terminal solution and future oriented service supporting capabilities for FTTH deployment.